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Rise of the Nightmare-Prelude
It all began on that night, that hellish night where all my childish fears came back from the grave. Where the dead rose and the living were taken from this Earth, where the evil and the liars became kings and were the heros and the honest became flith. We tried to push the creatures back but we were too late, they became stronger and even more powerful than the man of steel himself and in the end we all fell. The Dark Knight got the childern of the fallen out of the cities, but in order to save them he sacrificed himself so that they could live. In end the Nightmares became the rulers of the universe and not even the Green Lantern Core could stop them, no one could. But our legacy lives through our childern and they have been training everyday of their lives for this moment ever since that cursed night.
My name M,gann Kent and this is War.
:iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 0 3
Thor Fear Itself by MarvelJustice Thor Fear Itself :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 2 0 The Winter Soldier by MarvelJustice The Winter Soldier :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 1 0 Gotham Knights-Harley Quinn by MarvelJustice Gotham Knights-Harley Quinn :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 0 0 Three's a Party-Young Justice Legacy by MarvelJustice Three's a Party-Young Justice Legacy :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 37 5 Young Justice Legacy-Damian Wayne As Robin by MarvelJustice Young Justice Legacy-Damian Wayne As Robin :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 75 9 Young Justice Legacy-Farther and Son Time by MarvelJustice Young Justice Legacy-Farther and Son Time :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 34 3 How she Suffered-Young Justice Legacy by MarvelJustice How she Suffered-Young Justice Legacy :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 41 5 Young Jutsice Legacy-NightStar by MarvelJustice Young Jutsice Legacy-NightStar :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 73 12 Young Justice Legacy-I'm here for You by MarvelJustice Young Justice Legacy-I'm here for You :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 27 11 Young Justice Legacy-I've got your Back by MarvelJustice Young Justice Legacy-I've got your Back :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 70 6 Young Justice Legacy-Huntress by MarvelJustice Young Justice Legacy-Huntress :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 76 2 Young Justice Legacy-The Joker by MarvelJustice Young Justice Legacy-The Joker :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 13 1 The God of Mischief by MarvelJustice The God of Mischief :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 0 0 Love is Blind by MarvelJustice Love is Blind :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 20 5 Kid Flash (Don Allen) Redesign by MarvelJustice Kid Flash (Don Allen) Redesign :iconmarveljustice:MarvelJustice 67 11


Survivor by Artgerm Survivor :iconartgerm:Artgerm 13,650 667 Assassin's Creed Necklace by obsidiandevil Assassin's Creed Necklace :iconobsidiandevil:obsidiandevil 577 73
Mature content
Hold Me-Bucky and Natasha :iconlifedeathfun:LifeDeathFun 5 0
Captian America FanFiction Part 2
      We hastily walk to the Carousel club.  Of course my boss was furious when I got there, but his tone changed when he saw Bucky. He quickly nods and leaves. "Well I guess this is the last time I'll see you until I get back." He wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight. I try my best not to cry as I hug him back. "How about you stay for one song? Please, this is my last request Bucky." he smiles down at me and nods. "Ok one song." I smile and look at Steve, "You'll stay too?" he nods and I smile brightly. "Ok let me go get ready. It won't take but a second." Then I turn and run off to my dressing room and start to get ready.
Steve's POV

Steve watched as she headed off toward her dressing room. Her raven hair flowing in the air as she walked. "Hey, Steve." He turns to see Bucky ushering him toward the bar. Steve pulls up a chair beside him and says, "So," Bucky smiles and says, "You know she likes you." Steve loo
:iconberjhawn:Berjhawn 1 0
The Captain by TheUnknownAssassin The Captain :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 23 18 Robin by nthomas-illustration Robin :iconnthomas-illustration:nthomas-illustration 552 43
Mature content
Oh Really? :iconnew-victory-13:New-Victory-13 9 13
Captain America Wallpaper by brighteyesgal Captain America Wallpaper :iconbrighteyesgal:brighteyesgal 36 4
When The Dead Attacked The Living
Where were you the day the dead attacked the living?
When the government decided to bomb the big cities?
When people began to be filled with fear?
And when life as we knew it became a living nightmare?
An epidemic spread unknown by mankind
Where the people you loved you could not find.
A fever would hit and they would eventually die,
But as if from a miracle by God they would come back to life.
As your loved one took in another breath
And as you hoped and prayed that they had escaped death.
They would reach out to you with a hiss and a groan
And try to sink their teeth into you down to the bone.
There came a time where you had to realize
That you could either opt out or try to survive.
Because the people you loved had become the living dead
And the only way to protect you was to hit them in the head.
In this new world that you had come to find
There were no laws of any kind.
Where day by day you fought against the dead
But the living were the ones to fear instead.
To kill a man if only
:iconexogenesisoverture:ExogenesisOverture 1 0
Iron Man by Anthony-Woods Iron Man :iconanthony-woods:Anthony-Woods 1,341 383 Autumn Steve by Itabia Autumn Steve :iconitabia:Itabia 259 32 DC - Heyyy~ Sexy... lady? by Lillychiyo DC - Heyyy~ Sexy... lady? :iconlillychiyo:Lillychiyo 24 2
Take Me
A soft laugh fills the dark room. I turn on my bed side light, to find robin dressed in full uniform crouched on my windowsill.
"What the heck are you doing here?" That's when I notice the slightly sad smile on his face.
"Midnight patrol. You up for it?" He casually pushes his mask up a little. It's an unconscious movement, but I know what it means.
I smile a little picking up my bow.
"Always." I stand up from my warm, soft bed and grab his strong hand, and he pulls me out of the window into the chilly night. Holding on tight to each other, we zip line to the nearest roof.
His sweet little laugh travels a little in the night air. I notice he's a little quieter than usual.
I pull my mask on covering up the majority of my face. I'm wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, not my uniform, but sufficient for what I'm pretty sure he has in mind. Robin scans downtown Gotham looking for trouble. His arms crossed, he taps his finger anxiously on his glove.
"Thanks f'coming Artemis." He say
:iconknuxroxmysox:KnuxRoxMySox 16 12
Chibi Superboy Returns by batguy121 Chibi Superboy Returns :iconbatguy121:batguy121 54 8 YJ: Masks by bbfan77 YJ: Masks :iconbbfan77:bbfan77 268 50 please don't by ni-nnin please don't :iconni-nnin:ni-nnin 17 3



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Hi all MJ here,
I've been drawing nearly alll my life, I've been a comic addict for years. Love games (Assassin's Creed)


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